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The Braden Prize in Women’s Studies is awarded each year to a student majoring or minoring in women's studies who has demonstrated substantive contributions to the field through both scholarship and activism on behalf of women.

The award is named after Anne Braden, an activist from Louisville, Ky., who dedicated her life to promoting equal rights and justice for all people. Braden embodied many of the values esteemed by women's studies programs and is an excellent role model for women's studies students. In naming this award after Braden, we hope to increase awareness of Braden’s story and inspire students to connect their scholarship to activist efforts on behalf of all people.

KET—Living the Story: Anne Braden

Colorlines—Inside-Out and Upside-Down: An Interview with Anne Braden

Catalog 2014-2015

An interdisciplinary academic program, women’s studies aims to expand students’ understanding and appreciation of women’s lives and experiences both historically and in contemporary societies worldwide. Courses used to fulfill the requirements of the women’s studies minor pattern should, to asignificant degree, examine the ways in whichgender has structured intellectual and social traditions in the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences. Special topics courses, independent studies, or courses taken at other institutions may fulfill a minor requirement, upon approval of the director of Women’s Studies.

Women's Studies Interdisciplinary Minor Pattern
6 course units, including:
Core course:
WS 1004 Introduction to Women’s Studies

In addition, students must take 5 courses from the following:
CLA 2244 Gender and Sexuality in Greece and Rome
PHIL 2614 Animal Minds/Human Values
PHIL 3404 Epistemology
REL 2154 Gender Roles in Religious Life
SOC 2814 The Family—Past, Present, and Future
WS 2004 Feminist Philosophies (or PHIL 2004)
WS 2144 Women's Literature (or ENG 2144)
WS 2154 American Women Writers and Ethnicity (or ENG 2154)
WS 2294 Special Topics in Women’s Studies
WS 2314 Gender and Children’s Literature (or EDU 2314)
WS 2414 Sociology of Gender (or SOC 2414)
WS 2524 Psychology of Women (or PSY 2524)
WS 2554 Human Sexuality (or PSY 2504)
WS 2714 Jane Austen and Film (or ENG 2714)
WS 2934 Gender, Culture, and the Social Body (or ANTH 2934 or SOC 2934)
WS 3044 Gender and Communication (or WRC 3044)
WS 3124 Women in American Life and Thought (or HIST 3124)
WS 3134 Women in Art (or ARTH 3124)
WS 3144 Gender in European History (or HIST 3144)
WS 3204 Reading and Representing Women’s Lives
WS 3234 Feminist Rhetorics (or WRC 3234)
WS 3244 Global Feminisms (or ANTH 3244)
WS 3424 Women in Education (or EDU 3424)
WS 3514 Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective (or ANTH 3504)
WS 4204 Internship in Women’s Studies
WS 4244 Directed Study in Women’s Studies
WS 4294 Advanced Studies in Women’s Studies
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