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International Destinations 2014

  • Past, Present, and Memory of Indigenous Peru

    flag Travel Dates: April 26–May 12
    Instructors: Chris Begley, Gregg Bocketti
    Location: Peru

    Course Description

    This course explores large and universal questions of identity, change, and representation by looking intensively at the particular details of the prehistory, history, and present-day experience of people of indigenous descent in Peru. We will study, observe, and discuss Peru’s prehistory, with its story of Inca and other indigenous settlement and development; the colonial history of the region, and the roles of the indigenous during Spanish rule; the national history of independent Peru, and the changing place of indigenous communities in the nation-state; and representations and memory of indigeneity in each of these moments

  • Site 2/Transy's Tour de France

    flag Travel Dates: April 29–May 16
    Instructors: B. Arganbright, Z. Strecker
    Location: France

    Course Description

    A one-of-a-kind bicycling trip to Paris and the South of France where students will discover the sights and sounds of French urban and rural life from the perspective of the contemplative, inquisitive guest in foreign lands. We will examine lieux de mémoire as they have been historically inscribed on the collective memory and national heritage of the nation. Taken figuratively or metaphorically, these "sites" of memory—construed as events, people, institutions, symbols, space, or legacies—construct a powerful and enduring mythology of France. We will immerse ourselves in contemporary French society as we ponder the enduring presence of the past (roman ruins in Glanum, for example) and the ephemeral company of the present, such as sights and sounds that include the legendary Mediterranean winds known as the Tramontane and the Mistral. These experiences will be transformed into personal narratives in which students rethink their role in their surroundings and experience firsthand the foreignness of space. We will also pay attention to the experience of the passage of time—the social time lavished on a communal meal, the strenuous solitude of time spent moving across a landscape on a muscle-powered vehicle, and contemplative time of the walker/biker that allows immediate observations to blend with memories. More information.

  • Tropical Ecology

    flag Travel Dates: TBA
    Instructors: B. Sly, J. Wagner
    Location: Belize

    Course Description

    A study of why the tropics experience a unique climate, how this creates a variety of unique habitats such as rain forests, cloud forests, savannas, and coral reefs, and the structure and dynamics of these habitats. The class also investigates a variety of other topics, including structure of tropical soils, nutrient cycling, tropical forest dynamics, tropical species diversity, and conservation. Lecture, laboratory, and travel.

  • Encountering the Ancient Greeks

    flag Travel Dates: TBA
    Instructors: F. Russell, J. Svarlien
    Location: Greece

    Course Description

    Course description coming soon!

  • Excursions in non-Western Music—World Music in Latin America

    flag Travel Dates: May 7–16
    Instructors: L. Barnes
    Location: Costa Rica

    Course Description

    An introduction to world music styles that evolved outside the Euro-centric tradition. Regions include Sub-Saharan Africa, Arabian peninsula, Central Asia, India, Japan, Indonesia, and Latin America. Our travel will take us to Costa Rica, where we will witness music in the schools, concert halls, and other venues each day. We will also travel deep into the northern rainforest, to the Arenal volcano, and to the Pacific coast.

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