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Chinese Spotlight

Tony Del Grosso
Tony Del Grosso: Seeking the Questions »

“Transylvania offers the chance to learn how to ask questions, and this is, in my opinion, drastically different from finding the answer.”

Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith: Sharing a Language with Millions »

“I’m realizing that not only is there a whole world out there, but it is much more accessible than I ever dreamed. I am learning that no goal is too high and that there’s no harm in trying.”

Camerson Lindsey
Cameron Lindsey: Narrowing the Path, Opening the Mind »

“Just like the categories in Jeopardy, life’s experiences are varied and unpredictable. Instead of being able to respond perfectly to only a few of those, a liberal arts education allows students to respond intelligently to all of them with confidence.”

Thomas Amburn
Thomas Amburn: Seizing Opportunities »

“College is so much more than getting in and getting out. It’s about opportunities.”

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