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Develop the Whole Person

Open all tactics

The university will provide the members of the Transylvania community with opportunities to realize their passion for all that life has to offer through these initiatives:

  1. Recruit and retain an increasingly diverse population of students, faculty, and staff to prepare the individual Transylvanian for participation in our growing global community.

    1. Create relationships with other US colleges and universities where diversity and inclusion experiences have been successfully executed in order to share approaches, knowledge, and best practices.
    2. Incorporate diversity and inclusion into faculty and staff professional development programs (e.g., facilitating attendance at relevant conferences, creating new workshops and colloquia, providing networking opportunities, and creating avenues for recognition).
    3. Implement the Strategic Enrollment Plan's strategy to recruit students from historically underrepresented groups at Transylvania.
    4. Increase the faculty's awareness of and involvement in co-curricular diversity and inclusion programming and enlist faculty support in promoting such programming to students.
    5. Recruit faculty and staff from groups historically underrepresented at Transylvania.
    6. Strengthen existing and build new mechanisms to ensure retention of historically underrepresented students, faculty, and staff (e.g., support networks, ESL training, professional coaching and mentoring, etc.).
  2. Engage Transylvania alumni more fully in campus life to strengthen the student experience.

    1. Deepen connections between the Career Development Center and alumni by establishing an alumni-student mentorship program that would provide guidance toward post-baccalaureate opportunities.
    2. Expand and enhance the use of social media and other online mechanisms to engage alumni with students, faculty, and staff in academic and co-curricular life.
  3. Develop a four-year comprehensive student leadership program to cultivate a strong foundation for lifelong leadership capacity and creativity.

    1. Provide training and additional library resources for students to develop leadership skills through workshops, a lecture series, retreat, and conferences.
    2. Add a professional staff member to administer the leadership program.
    3. Add a faculty liaison to support academic and co-curricular leadership programming.
    4. Develop a mentoring program in which alumni and community members provide ongoing support for students to develop leadership skills.
  4. Integrate religious life and the liberal arts by creating a campus community that thinks critically while acting with conviction, compassion, and respect for religious diversity.

    1. Promote personal exploration, a deepening knowledge of religious heritage, and appreciation of religious diversity through all-campus programing, service projects, interreligious meals, and worship experiences.
    2. Create a Religious Life Leadership Council.
    3. Integrate religious life more fully into intellectual life on campus through experiential courses, lectures, coffeehouse conversations, and reading groups.
    4. Create co-curricular programming that fosters respect for religious diversity.
  5. Encourage and support student recreation.

    1. Build a competitive intramurals and club sports program.
    2. Provide adequate staffing to successfully support campus recreation programs.
    3. Build an outdoor recreation program.
    4. Build incentive-based programs to foster participation in student recreation.
  6. Sustain and augment student health and wellness.

    1. Hire additional wellness staff to provide comprehensive care and prevention strategies.
    2. Increase the operating costs and annual budget of Health and Wellness to support program initiatives.
  7. Encourage intercultural understanding by ensuring that every Transylvania student is proficient in a second language and has the experience of living and learning in a different culture.

    1. Create new language development opportunities.
    2. Increase the academic rigor and expand the variety of study-abroad opportunities, and create options that make it more feasible for low-income students to afford such opportunities.
    3. Design opportunities for students who are unable to spend time abroad to immerse themselves in different cultures domestically.
    4. For incoming Premier Scholars, establish two- to three-week travel courses, providing real engagement in different cultures and communities, in the summer prior to or following their first year.
    5. Draw upon the international perspectives of our staff, faculty and students to shape co-curricular programming.
  8. Strengthen and expand the depth and breadth of intercollegiate athletic programs.

    1. Promote geographic and ethnic diversity efforts at Transylvania by broadening the scope of recruiting activities and territories.
    2. Increase staff in athletics to reflect increased participation in sports and expansion of facilities.
    3. Partner with Development Office to foster mutually supportive community partnerships with businesses to promote Transylvania athletics through sponsorships.
    4. Develop programming in which local at-risk youth groups benefit from Transylvania athletic team interactions through wellness/fitness activities and leadership development.
    5. Promote professional and academic development for staff in order to facilitate collaboration between athletics and campus-wide education efforts.
  9. Foster a culture of wellness among the faculty and staff with a focus on developing affordable systems to enhance quality prevention, early detection, and disease management efforts.

    1. Provide incentive based programs for the Transylvania community to participate in fitness and wellness activities.
    2. Promote disease management by focusing on the top 5 percent of employees that result in over 50 percent of total health claims.
    3. Increase staffing to reduce health care costs and implement/maintain an employee wellness program.
    4. Provide incentives to employees to promote health and reduce costs ($4.00 ROI per dollar spent).
    5. Publicize the efforts of the Wellness Committee.
  10. Strengthen professional preparation and development for all Transylvania students, faculty, and staff.

    1. Establish a culture in which Transylvania employees are encouraged to develop and be viewed as national experts in their chosen fields.
    2. Support staff efforts to earn higher degrees by allowing them some release time without forfeiting salary.
    3. Better utilize resources in the greater Lexington area and elsewhere to facilitate and support additional internships and shadowships.
    4. Develop an internal training program in which faculty and staff who attend local, state, and national conferences share matters learned with other employees.
    5. Reward and promote staff members who effectively implement a strong service ethic and who integrate the objectives of this strategic plan in their work.

Open all tactics
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