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F. A. Q. - Academic Information


Can you explain Transylvania's academic calendar?

Transylvania operates on a 4-4-1 academic year, with two 14-week terms (fall and winter) and a one-month term in May. First-year students also participate in a three-week August term. Students normally take four courses during the fall and winter terms and one during May term. This system works well with Transylvania's off-campus and study abroad opportunities, which are available during the school year and in the summer.

Who maintains student records and coordinates course scheduling and advising?

The registrar's office prepares and maintains student records, maintains and enforces academic policies, and coordinates academic advising. Students register for their courses online using their TNet accounts with the assistance of their academic advisor.

Is there a minimum grade point average that students must maintain?

Students must maintain a minimum grade point average to remain in good academic standing. First-year students must earn 1.75, sophomores 1.85, and juniors and seniors 2.0.

How do students receive their grade reports after each term?

Grade reports are sent to students at the end of each term via e-mail. For more information on this policy, see the Catalog or call the registrar's office at (859) 233-8116.

How are academic advisors assigned to students?

Students are assigned a faculty mentor/advisor when they are admitted to the university. The advisor will work with the student throughout his or her first year at Transylvania. After the first year, students are given the opportunity to select an advisor in their field of interest.

Does Transylvania have a center that can help students prepare for their career after college?

The Career Development Center has a comprehensive four-year plan to help students focus on goals and prepare for life after college. The center also assists students with finding internships and part-time employment. For more information, call the Career Development Center at (859) 233-8193.

Are there any special academic programs my child can participate in?

Transylvania offers a variety of study abroad and off-campus programs. Students can participate year round in internships and academic programs in the United States and abroad. For more information, call the office of special programs at (859) 233-8124.

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