Physical Education

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Teaching Physical Education Major Pattern
12 courses including:
PE 1004 Introduction to Physical Education and Exercise Science
PE 2014 Team Sports I or
PE 2024 Team Sports II
PE 2034 Individual Sports I or
PE 2044 Individual Sports II
PE 2074 The Dance
PE 2094 Anatomy and Physiology I (or BIO 2014)
PE 3004 Methods in Physical Education
PE 3014 Physiology of Exercise
PE 3034 Athletic Injuries and Rehabilitation
PE 3054 Kinesiology and Biomechanics
PE 4004 Organization, Administration, and Evaluation of Physical Education and Exercise Science

The remaining 2 course units may be filled with any physical education courses.
Must meet state certification requirements as follows:
EDU 1004 Observing the Learner
EDU 2014 Schooling in American Culture
EDU 2094 Standards-Based Instruction
EDU 3054 Instructional Strategies and Content Area Literacy for Learners in Middle and Secondary Schools
EDU 3084 Inquiry-Based Learning Climates
EDU 3244 Practicum in Learning Experiences
EDU 4314 Supervised Teaching: Twelve Grades
EDU 4514 Senior Seminar or
PE 4444 Senior Seminar/Capstone

Allied Course:
PSY 1004 General Psychology