Studio Art

About Art at Transy Art Course Descriptions

Studio Art Major/Minor Patterns
14 course units, including:
ART 1424 Drawing I
ART 2104 Painting I
ARTH 2144 Art: 1850 to the Present
ART 2304 Sculpture I
ART 2364 Photography I
ART 2504 Ceramics I
ART 4444 Senior Seminar

2 courses chosen from the following:
ART 2424 Drawing II
ART 3364 Photography II
ART 3674 Painting II
ART 3774 Sculpture II
ART 3874 Ceramics II

1 course chosen from the following:
ART 3424 Drawing III
ART 3674 Painting III
ART 4364 Photography III
ART 4774 Sculpture III
ART 4874 Ceramics III

2 additional art history courses, including one course in non-Western art.
2 studio art electives.
Senior art portfolio and exhibition requirement.
Art majors are required to take ART 1424 by the end of the sophomore year. Exceptions will be made only with written consent of the program director.
6 course units, including:
ART 1104 Two-Dimensional Design or
ART 1424 Drawing I

2 art history courses, including:
ART 1024 Introduction to Visual Art or
ART 2144 Art 1850 to the Present
3 additional studio art courses chosen in consultation with adviser and art program director.