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Sociology/Anthropology Major Pattern
11 courses, inluding:
ANTH 1024 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 1034 Human Origins or
ANTH 1054 Introduction to Archaeology
SOC 1004 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2224

Research Methods for the Social Science

SOC 3104 Social Theory
ANTH 4444 Senior Seminar/Capstoneor
SOC 4444 Senior Seminar/Capstone

One of the following area studies:
ANTH 2314 Politics and Society of Japan
ANTH 2554 African Art and Culture
3314 Latin American Prehistory
ANTH 3424 Appalachia and the Environment
HIST 2354 History of Africa I
HIST 2364 History of Africa II
HIST 2404 Latin AmericanCivilization I
HIST 2414 Latin AmericanCivilization II

1 course on social institutions (SOC 2_14 or 3_14).
3 electives, one of which must be a 3000level anthropology course and 1 of whichmay be an approved course outside ofanthropology or sociology.