International destinations 2013

Art/WRC: Drawing on Ireland

Travel Dates: April 27 – May 12
Instructors: Girard, Taylor
Number of Students Enrolled: TBA
Location: Ireland

Course Description

Students will travel to County Clare, Ireland, where they will engage in an artists' retreat in the village of Ballyvaughan at the Burren College of Art.  The program will entail a short week of on-campus pre-travel preparation, two weeks of residency at the Burren College of Art, and approximately 10 days back on campus for a period of revision and refinement. Secondary travel within Ireland will include visits to Ailwee Cave and Kilfenora, as well as overnight stays in Galway, the Aran Islands (Inishmore), and Doolin.

This unique artist/writer residency aims to explore site/place as inspiration for the development of new work. It ultimately begs the larger question: "Where do (good) ideas come from?" The Burren College of Art and its community offer a superb setting in which to unleash and explore the imagination.

Forensic Accounting

Travel Dates: April 30 – May 12
Instructors: Fulks, J. Jones
Number of Students Enrolled: 20
Location: Luxembourg, Zurich, and Monte Carlo

Course Description

Forensic accounting is perhaps currently the hottest specialty within the accounting profession and includes the study of white collar crime, off-shore financing, money laundering, and tracking of terrorists’ financial assets. This course has been offered periodically for several years and has been very popular among students and well valued by prospective employers. While in class on campus, students will benefit from guest speakers from the FBI, IRS, federal justice system, CPA firms, and other organizations, and while visiting other countries students will visit local governmental, financial, and public accounting offices.

Travel locations will include Luxembourg, Zurich, and Monte Carlo, three well established off-shore financing locales. Exposure to local culture and economic and professional environments is considered a vital part of the course, as well. This course greatly enhances students’ educational experience and adds to the “Transylvania Edge” enjoyed by our accounting majors.

Political and Religious Narratives in Israel and Palestine

Travel Dates: April 27 – May 19
Instructors: Cairo, P. Jones
Number of Students Enrolled: TBA
Location: Israel

Course Description

Land narratives are an essential theme of the Bible/Qur’an for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Narratives about the land are also an essential theme of the political discourse in the region. In order to understand the politics of the Middle East in general and Israel/Palestine in particular, one must understand the interconnections between the religious and political narratives of the region.

This course will explore, by traveling to and studying in Israel, this contentious interaction by examining the history, geography, and archaeology of the Biblical world, as well as the history and politics of the contemporary land.

Intro to the Fine Arts

Travel Dates: May 6-18
Instructors: Partain, Soulis
Number of Students Enrolled: TBA
Location: London

Course Description

This course is a survey of the basic ideas, guiding principles, and historical and contemporary practices in visual art, music, theater, and other art forms. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the creative process, developing critical tools for analyzing and appreciating various works of art, and comprehending fundamental issues in the representation of reality through art.

We will study initially on the Transylvania campus and then complete a 12-day immersion in the cultural life of London, England. We will attend theatrical productions and music concerts, visit art galleries and museums, and explore relevant sites, such as backstage at the National Theater, the architecture of the Bloomsbury District, and the historically accurate reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Specific events will be determined as performance seasons are determined. Time will be available for individual student-initiated trips to tourist destinations, such as the Tower of London, Stonehenge, Oxford, and elsewhere.