International Accounting and Taxation
Travel Dates: May 8 - May 22
Instructors: Daniel Fulks, Judy Jones
Number of Students Enrolled: 28
Location: Ireland

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Students will begin the course with seven days of class (April 27 through May 5) on campus. This period will include intense study and classroom coverage, as well as the field trips mentioned above. Amy 6 is a designated travel day in order to reach Dublin in time to settle in prior to the following week. The students will be hosted by University College Dublin form May 7 through May 12, at which they will move by train across Ireland to the west coast and Galway. They will be hosted by University College Galway from May 14 through 24.

Course Description

Topics to be covered include:

  • An international perspective on financial reporting
  • Diversity in financial accounting practices
  • Harmonization efforts in financial accounting standards
  • The evolution of the International Accounting Standards Board
  • Financial statement disclosure practices around the world
  • Multinationalism consolidations and the related financial reporting issues
  • Translation of foreign currency financial statements
  • Accounting for foreign currency transactions
  • Emerging issues in international accounting
  • Comparative taxation systems around the world
  • U.S. taxation of international transactions
  • Tax planning objectives for MNC's
  • Financial reporting issues of the U.S. equine industry compared to the Irish equine industry
  • Taxation issues confronting the U.S. equine industry compared to the Irish equine industry