Issues in Global Economy
Travel Dates: April 26 - May 17
Instructors: Rod Erfani, W. Alan Bartley
Number of Students Enrolled: 14
Location: Costa Rica

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The course format will include a combination of lectures, videos, presentations and guest speakers. The course will be conducted, in part in San Jose, Costa Rica. Visiting this country will allow students to directly observe most of the topics referenced above. The foreign field experience will include on-site visits and presentations, as well as formal and informal discussion opportunities. There will be several field study visits to commercial, governmental and cultural companies. The travel to Costa Rica will lat for two weeks in the middle of May Term. Attached is a tentative schedule for our trip abroad.


Day 1 Arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica
Day 2 Getting to know the city
Day 3 Guest lecture(s): International Trade
Day 4 Site visit: International business
Day 5 Guest lecture(s): Environmental Issues
Day 6 Guest lecture(s): Sustainable Development
Day 7 Weekend: Optional excursion to national park
Day 8 Weekend: Optional excursion to national park
Day 9 Guest lecture(s): International Monetary Policy and Financing
Day 10 Site visit: Tourism resort(s)
Day 11 Site visit: Congress and Supreme Court
Day 12 Guest lecture(s): Immigration
Day 13 Wrap-up session
Day 14 Return to Lexington

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