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The Transylvania Seminar




Thursday, July 24

Welcoming reception will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Plenary Session

Cultural Institutions, Theater, and Humanistic Liberal Arts Education:
Rethinking Where We Can Go From Here J. Scott Lee, Executive Director, Association for Core Texts and Courses (ACTC)

Friday, July 25
Session 1 The Historical Evolution of the Concept of Liberal Education
Session 2 The Classical Tradition in the Twentieth Century: Robert Maynard Hutchins
Session 3 The Rival Tradition: John Dewey
Session 4 The Classical Tradition Redux: Allan Bloom
Saturday, July 26
Session 5 The Purpose of Liberal Education: Varieties of Individual Development
Session 6

The Purposes of Liberal Education: Varieties of Social Engagement

Session 7 The Varieties of General Education: Beyond Distributional Requirements
Session 8

Modernizing Liberal Education

Plenary Session

Things of the Past: Medieval Objects and the Liberal Arts
Sarah Stanbury, Monsignor Murray Professor of Arts and Humanities College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass.

Sunday, July 27
Session 9 Valuing Useless Education
Session 10

The Future of Liberal Education

Seminar will conclude at 11:30 a.m.

Seminar coordinator and director of the Center for Liberal Education at Transylvania University: Jeffrey B. Freyman, professor of political science