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Diversity Programs


An important part of a liberal arts education is the learning that occurs through association with people of differing backgrounds. Transylvania is committed to offering its students a diverse campus culture that reflects a range of racial, cultural, and ethnic traditions.

We aim to foster a campus community characterized by compassion, respect, ethical concern, and social responsibility. By living among people of sometimes radically divergent ways of thinking, students in the Transylvania community can learn to evaluate their own backgrounds against new ideas and ways of relating to others. In our Transylvania community we value the richness that comes from a range of individual differences, including dimensions of age, culture, education, ethnicity, exceptionalities, gender, geographical origin, language, politics, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

Related student organizations

  • Black Student Alliance, a leadership organization designed to enhance the cultural, intellectual, and personal growth of African American students in the Transylvania community.

  • The Diversity Action Council (DAC), a resource for students who are passionate about diversity issues and want to promote cultural awareness and community outreach.

  • International Club, a group created to celebrate diversity on campus and encourage interaction among students of all heritages and cultures, in an effort to promote personal growth.

  • SAGE (Sexual Assault and Gender Education committee), a group of faculty and staff committed to empowering responsible citizenship around sexual violence, harassment, and gender issues.

  • TUASA (Transylvania University Asian Student Alliance), a group seeking to help international students, especially Asian students, adapt to American college life and to promote Asian culture to American students.
  • T-Unity, a group dedicated to unifying Transylvania's gay and straight communities.

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Transylvania does not base employment or academic decisions on a person’s age, race, color, gender, disability or any other criteria prohibited by law. We are committed to providing equal opportunity in employment and education for all.