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Jessica Obi '13

Kaitlin Hizny"The benefit of a liberal arts education is the great access and exposure to different disciplines. It's made me capable of contributing to discussions from different viewpoints and made me a well-rounded person. The liberal arts have taught me to appreciate learning and have encouraged my interest in learning from a variety of areas, not just one."

Although a Lexington native, Jessica knew very little about Transylvania. Her overnight visit gave her the opportunity to stay with a student host in a residence hall, sit in on classes personalized to her interests, eat in the dining halls, and interact with professors.

“That really sold it for me,” Jessica says. “The people were very friendly, the professors were personable, and I was really able to see myself being a student there. But, most importantly, I really felt like they wanted me. It’s nice to felt wanted, and it made me want to be there.”

Once she started her first year, Jessica found her calling in community service when she became involved with the First Year Urban Program (FUP), providing community service to a variety of Lexington-area service agencies, and 3M Tutors, an organization that tutors refugees and children whose second language is English.

“I had never really been involved in volunteer work before, but Transylvania had several programs that allowed me to get involved,” Jessica says.
“Volunteering has made me really appreciate the strong relationship Transylvania has with the community,” Jessica says.

Jessica’s experience as a first-year student also encouraged her to become involved with Transylvania’s Crimson Crew, an organization that works with the Transylvania admissions office to help prospective students look for a college home. Today, she works as an Admissions Ambassador, sharing her stories with students and parents who visit classes. She also acts as an overnight host, giving potential students as great an experience as she had on her overnight visit.

“During the summers, I tell visitors all the time that I’m not showing you Transylvania. I am just showing you buildings, and I am just one person,” Jessica says.“Transylvania is the people; the community. I encourage you to come back and stay overnight, because interacting with the campus community is what really allows you to decide if you feel comfortable and can visualize yourself living here. That’s what I did, and it was the best decision I could have made.”

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