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STEM Scholars Program

Transylvania has a history of attracting some of the region's brightest science and mathematics students and helping them prepare for careers in research, engineering, industry, teaching, and other professions. These students get accepted to graduate schools at a rate twice as high as the national average. 

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Scholars Program allows Transylvania to further raise that bar. The program, supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation*, will attract talented students from across the country who are interested in the STEM disciplines and offer them financial assistance and ongoing academic support. By bringing the highest caliber students to campus, and surrounding them with a support group of like-minded peers, Transylvania can create a stimulating and challenging environment for both students and faculty alike.


Research.  While on campus, STEM scholars will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with the faculty and their fellow students, creating a graduate-level experience while completing undergraduate studies. Collaboration between faculty and students takes place in two settings: the classroom and the research laboratory. Transylvania’s commitment to the liberal arts will help develop each student's analytical, communication, laboratory, and problem-solving skills in a range of scientific and non-scientific disciplines. Students can further sharpen these skills by working with faculty on various projects throughout the summer and school year.

Support.  STEM scholars will also have a built-in support group—each other. The scholars will tackle the same classes, depending on discipline, and work together throughout the academic year and the summer. Informal group activities will help build a peer support group among the scholars and create a natural community of students with similar interests and goals who can together celebrate successes and persevere through challenges. Understanding the value of a supportive community will improve STEM scholars' chances of success in their post-graduate career.

In short, the STEM Scholars Program is designed to help motivated students find a supportive academic home where they can focus on the demands of their coursework and other campus opportunities, while reducing concerns they may have about meeting the financial obligations of a college education.

If you have questions, please contact Mike LeVan, associate professor of mathematics.

*The STEM Scholars Program is supported by the National Science Foundation under grant number 1259026.

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