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Faculty Listed Alphabetically


Kirk Abraham, Associate Professor of Exercise Science; Program Director
Charity-Joy Acchiardo, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Joshua Adkins, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology
Gary Anderson, Professor of Music; Director of Choral Ensembles
Brian Arganbright, Associate Professor of French; Program Director, Foreign Languages


Angela Baldridge, Part-Time Instructor in Art
Bill Baldwin, Professor of Business Administration
Shoshana Bardach, Part-Time Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Larry Barnes, Professor of Music
Carole Barnsley, Assistant Professor of Religion
William Alan Bartley, Associate Professor of Economics
Margaret Bashkin-Karp, Adjunct Music Instructor (Violin and Viola)
Clyde Beavers, Adjunct Music Instructor (Cello)
Chris Begley, Associate Professor of Anthropology; Program Director
Brittany Benningfield, Adjunct Music Instructor - Voice
Henry Berlin, Assistant Professor of Spanish
Martha Billips, Professor of English; Associate Dean for First-Year Academic Programs
Gregg Bocketti, Associate Professor of History
Amanda Bowman, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Sarah Bray, Associate Professor of Biology; Program Director
Sharon Brown, Professor of Physical Education/Exercise Science


Michael Cairo, Associate Professor of Political Science; Program Director, International Affairs
Daniel Cecil, Adjunct Music Instructor (Bass)
Simonetta Cochis, Associate Professor of French and Spanish
Lisa Contreras, Instructor in Spanish; Director, Language Lab; Director, Foreign Language Festival
Liz Corsun, Associate Professor of English
Lissa Ellen Cox, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Eva Csuhai, Professor of Chemistry


Jamie Day, Professor of Physics; Chair, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Veronica Dean-Thacker, Professor of Spanish
Gary Deaton, Instructor in Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication; Director of Forensics
Michael Dixon, Assistant Professor of Theater
Douglas Drewek, Adjunct Music Instructor (Saxophone)
Paul Duffin, Assistant Professor of Biology
Don Dugi, Professor of Political Science; Program Director
Richard Dwyer, Adjunct Music Instructor (Organ)


Angela Eaton, Part-Time Staff Accompanist
Amelia El-Hindi Trail, Associate Professor of Education
Merrilee Elliott, Adjunct Music Instructor (Flute)
Robert England, Associate Professor of Computer Science; Program Director
G. Rod Erfani, Professor of Economics; Program Director
Valerie Evans, Adjunct Music Instructor (Low Brass)


Simona Fojtova, Associate Professor of Women's Studies; Program Director
Melissa Fortner, Associate Professor of Psychology
Lee Fortner, Part-Time Instructor, First Year Seminar
Peter Fosl, Professor of Philosophy
Rebecca Fox, Assistant Professor of Biology
Jeff Freyman, Professor of Political Science
Dan Fulks, Professor of Accounting; Program Director; Faculty Athletics Representative
Jack Furlong, Professor of Philosophy; Program Director


Qian Gao, Assistant Professor of Chinese Language and Culture
Brian Gardner, Part-Time Instructor in Business Administration
Tylene Garrett, Professor of Computer Science
Martha Gehringer, Instructor in Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication; Program Director
Jack Girard, Professor of Art; Chair, Division of Fine Arts
Cynthia Glass, Part-Time Visiting Assistant Professor Of Sociology
Kurt Gohde, Professor of Art; Program Director


Saori Hanaki-Martin, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Kerri Hauman, Assistant Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, & Communication
Ben Hawkins, Professor of Music; Program Director; Director of Instrumental Ensembles;
Christi Hayne, Instructor in Accounting
John Hedger, Adjunct Music Instructor (Guitar)
Kimberly Heersche, Adjunct Music Instructor (Oboe)
Scott Heersche, Adjunct Music Instructor (Trumpet)
Jeffrey Hopper, Assistant Professor of Business Administration; Program Director
Yuling Huang, Part-Time Instructor in Art History
Angela Hurley, Professor of Education; Chair, Division of Humanities
Adam Hutchinson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy


Mark Jackson, Associate Professor of Psychology
Kathleen Jagger, Professor of Biology Health Professions Adviser
Kim Jenkins, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Paul Jones, Professor of Religion; Program Director
Judy Jones, Professor of Accounting; Co-Chair, Division of Social Sciences
Bethany Jurs, Assistant Professor of Psychology


Iva Katzarska-Miller, Assistant Professor of Psychology
David Kaufman, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Classics
George Kaufman, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Molly King, Part-Time Instructor in French
Amanda Konkle, Part-Time Instructor in English


Timothy Lake, Adjunct Music Instructor (Banjo)
Don Lane, Professor of Physical Education
Mike LeVan, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Wei Lin, Associate Professor of Art History


Maurice Manning, Professor of English; Transylvania Writer in Residence
Joanna Manring, Adjunct Music Instructor (Voice)
Amy Maupin, Associate Professor of Education
Jennifer McCloud, Assistant Professor of Education
Dennis McElroy, Adjunct Music Instructor (Clarinet)
Melissa McEuen, Professor of History; Program Director
Nathan Miller, Adjunct Music Instructor (Horn)
Jim Mills, Part-Time Instructor in Psychology
Kenny Moorman, Professor of Computer Science


Mike Nichols, Visiting Professor of Psychology; Assistant to the Dean of the College


Martha Ojeda, Professor of Spanish and French;
Joshua Owen, Part-Time Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Hande Ozkan, Assistant Professor of Anthropology


Bethany Packard, Assistant Professor of English
Jeremy Paden, Associate Professor of Spanish
Greg Partain, Professor of Music
Mike Pepper, Professor of Hospitality Management
Timothy Polashek, Assistant Professor of Music
William Pollard, Professor of English
Julia Poynter, Associate Professor of Business Administration


Arlene Rector, Adjunct Music Instructor (Harp)
Brian Rich, Professor of Sociology
Jonathan Derrick Riley, Part-Time Instructor in Art
Rick Rolfes, Professor of Physics; Program Director; Pre-Health Committee Advisor
Ashley Rondini, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Bob Rosenberg, Professor of Chemistry; Pre-Health Committee Advisor
Erica Rumbley, Part-Time Accompanist
Frank Russell, Professor of History; Co-Chair, Division of Social Sciences


Mike Sanders, Kenan Visiting Artist in Drama
Matthew Schuler, Adjunct Music Instructor (Bassoon)
Jerry Seebach, Professor of Chemistry; Program Director; Pre-Health Committee Co-Advisor
Dave Shannon, Professor of Mathematics
Ken Slepyan, Professor of History
Belinda Sly, Associate Professor of Biology; Chief Advisor, Pre-Health Advisory Committee
Tim Soulis, Lucille C. Little Professor of Theater
Zoe Strecker, Assistant Professor of Art
Greg Strouse, Learning Skills Instructor/Coordinator; Adjunct Music Instructor (Percussion)
Ryan Stuffelbeam, Associate Professor of Mathematics; Program Director
John Svarlien, Professor of Classics; Program Director; Director of August Term
Carl Sword, Part-Time Instructor in Education


Richard Taylor, Kenan Visiting Writer
Loren Tice, Part-Time Staff Accompanist
Kremena Todorova, Associate Professor of English; Program Director
Avery Tompkins, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology & Women's Studies
Oscar Trujillo, Part-Time Instructor in Spanish
Victoria Tsangari, Adjunct Music Instructor (piano)
Gregory Turay, Kenan Visiting Artist in Music; Music Instructor (voice)


Meg Upchurch, Professor of Psychology; Program Director


Todd Van Denburg, Associate Professor of Psychology
Anthony Vital, Professor of English


James Wagner, Professor of Biology; Pre-Health Committee Adviser
Rick Weber, Professor of German and French
Tiffany Wheeler, Associate Professor of Education; Program Director
Scott Whiddon, Associate Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication; Director of the Writing Center;
Sullivan White, Assistant Professor of Theater; Program Director
Geoffrey Williams, Assistant Professor of Economics
Nancy Wolsk, Professor of Art History
James Wright, Instructor, First Year Seminar


John Zink, Instructor in Business Administration

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