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2015-2016 University Catalog

    Academic Majors/Minors


Program Director: Sully White (swhite@transy.edu)
Office: Mitchell Fine Arts 106
Phone: 233-8265

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Theater Major Pattern
First Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
THEA 1214 Preparing to Act THEA 2224 Building a Character Theater Elective

Sophomore Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
THEA 1314 Technical Theater AND THEA 2324 Theater Design AND Theater Elective
THEA 1001 Theater Practicum THEA 1001 Theater Practicum  
  THEA 3514 Modern Drama and Theater  

Junior Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
THEA 3414 Fundamentals of Play Directing THEA 3524 Classical Drama and Theater THEA 3072 Special Projects in Theater -OR-
THEA 1001 Theater Practicum THEA 3534 Playwriting THEA 3074 Special Projects in Theater -OR-
   THEA 1001 Theater Practicum Theater Elective

Senior Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
THEA 3244 Creating a Role -OR- THEA 4004 Senior Seminar THEA 4204 Internship -OR-
THEA 3314 Advanced Design -OR- THEA 1001 Theater Practicum Theater Elective 
THEA 3424 Advanced Directing    
THEA 1001 Theater Practicum    

Special Requirements Concerning This Major:
All majors must complete a minimum of 1 1/4 course units of THEA 1001 Theater Practicum
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