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2008-2009 University Catalog

    Academic Majors/Minors

Academic Majors, Minors, and Preprofessional Studies

Academic Offerings Major Minor Pre-Professional
Accounting yes
Anthropology yes yes  
Art History yes yes  
Studio Art yes yes  
Teaching Art yes    
Biology yes yes  
Business Administration yes    
Interdisciplinary Business   yes  
Hospitality Management   yes  
Chemistry yes yes  
Teaching Chemistry yes    
Chemistry: Biochemistry Track yes    
Classics yes yes  
Classical Studies   yes  
Communication   yes  
Computer Science yes yes  
Drama yes yes  
Economics yes yes  
Education yes yes  
Elementary: P-5 Cert. yes    
Middle Grades 5-9 Cert. yes    
Secondary Certification (8-12)   yes  
Secondary Certification in English (8-12)   yes  
Educational Studies   yes  
English yes yes  
Environmental Studies   yes  
Exercise Science yes yes  
Foreign Languages      
French yes yes  
Teaching French yes    
German yes yes  
Spanish yes yes  
Teaching Spanish yes    
History yes yes  
International Affairs   yes  
Latin American and Caribbean Studies   yes  
Mathematics yes yes  
Multicultural Studies   yes  
Music yes yes  
Applied Music yes    
Music Education yes    
Music Technology yes    
Philosophy yes yes  
Physics yes yes  
Political Science yes yes  
Psychology yes yes  
Religion yes yes  
Sociology yes yes  
Sociology/Anthropology yes    
Teaching Physical Education yes    
Women's Studies   yes  
3-2 Engineering     yes
Pre-Medical Studies     yes
Pre-Physical Therapy     yes
Pre-Veterinary Medicine     yes
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