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Justin Bullock ’15

Multidisciplinary class introduces Bullock to new possibilities

Justin BullockBack in kindergarten, Justin Bullock knew he would be a doctor. Even as a little boy he was aware of the impact that illness had on his extended family. He knew he wanted to help.

So, it wasn’t a surprise when he entered Transylvania as a pre-med student. Of all the colleges he visited, he felt most at home here. He thought his path was set.

Then something happened.

He opened himself to a liberal arts education. “You take courses in many disciplines, developing interest in new areas you didn’t know existed. You open yourself to myriad points of view. You find your own perspective broadening, and you begin to relate to the world differently,” he explains.

Taking Global Health—a multidisciplinary course team-taught by a biology professor, a philosophy professor, and a political science professor—really opened Justin’s eyes. He recognized a growing desire to make an impact larger than he could in a medical practice.

“Every area of health is connected to public health,” he explained. “If I’m in that field, I can make a difference.”

Now Bullock is majoring in Spanish while on the pre-health track. He plans to get a master’s in public health and a Ph.D. in epidemiology. It’s helpful that Lexington offers easy access to internships in both public health and research. 

“The investigative, questioning mindset that is honed in liberal arts applies directly to a career in public health,” Bullock says. More broadly, he adds, “I’ve been taught how to think at Transylvania. How to think for myself. It will empower me to face anything I encounter once I graduate.”

Find your “life’s passion” at Transylvania.

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