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Welcome to August Term

august You’ve probably pictured your arrival at college with some anxiety.

Excited, but nervous. Concerned about social acceptance.

Confident in your talent, yet insecure about making the academic grade.

A bit apprehensive about being the inexperienced first-year student among older, seasoned students.

Now imagine your first day at Transylvania University, where first-year students own the campus in August. The only older students around are August term scholars, working side-by-side with faculty to help you get your college legs.

Welcome to Transylvania’s August term, a nationally renowned program created to make your social and academic transition a breeze.

You’ll find a welcoming, respectful environment; faculty and staff who really get to know you; and a place that understands that not everyone comes from the same home life or the same academic background.


You find instant community with your peers and feel the support of an entire institution.

You learn about critical reading and the rigors of a liberal arts education. You get a taste of a multidisciplinary approach to the world.

You are liking this.


By the end of August term, you’re feeling like a veteran. You’re feeling at home.

You’re already familiar with the campus. You’ve developed friendships and support systems. You’ve established a relationship with your academic advisor, who is also your August term professor.

You’re ready to take your place with sophomores, juniors, seniors—and you’re ready for fall term.


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Transylvania does not base employment or academic decisions on a person’s age, race, color, gender, disability or any other criteria prohibited by law. We are committed to providing equal opportunity in employment and education for all.