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Pioneer Stories: Marcus Osborne

“My Transylvania degree prepared me to do a lot of stuff. It taught me strong analytical skills and influence skills. It really was a liberal arts degree, because you went from philosophy to statistics to everything in between. It was one of the best general educations you could get. I felt like I got an enormous breadth of education, that I wasn't just specializing in one thing.”

Marcus and Cara Osborne

Marcus Osborne is senior director of healthcare savings programs and health and wellness global sourcing for Walmart, which makes him a big player in global healthcare and business. His primary roles are running a team focused on working with companies to help lower their healthcare costs and ensuring the quality of the pharmaceutical products that come into Walmart pharmacies.

Osborne graduated from Transylvania with a political science degree and was accepted into Harvard Business School where he earned an MBA. While his Harvard education taught him to navigate the business world, his Transylvania education prepared him to be a critical thinker in a complex industry.

He now strives to impart that liberal arts education in his Walmart team, assigning them books he read as a political science student that taught him about leadership and vision, like The Prince by Machiavelli.

“My professors probably would take great pleasure in knowing that I’m making some of my mentees read that book,” he said. “I’m still pulling out those books that they had me read, and I’m using them with some of the people that I’ve been given the opportunity to help develop as leaders.”

His wife, Cara Osborne ’99 is also accomplished in healthcare. After earning a master’s and doctor of science degree in maternal and child health from the Harvard School of Public Health, she became a faculty member at Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing.

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